Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Do you need support in conducting comprehensive due diligence on your customers and suppliers? Uncertain about the extent of due diligence required or what documents are necessary? Struggling to recruit competent staff profecient in executing thorough customer due diligence?

Comprehenvise due diligence is vital to safeguard your services or products from being misused for illicit activities. It involves a systematic evaluation o fthe risks associated with engageing with specific clients or business partners. This includes performing background checks on your customers and business partners to detect any potential warning signs or integrity concerns.

Marisa brings extensive experience as an MLRO in the financial services sector. With her expertise, she is adept at evaluating business proposals from a financial crime perspective. Her services extend beyond merely providing data and conducting checks; she also offers insightful opinions on risk exposure and potential red flags.

My services encompass:

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