My purpose is to make compliance simple and affordable!

Compliance is essential for legal and ethical reasons. The expenses linked to compliance, including the pressure on resources, the monetary repercussions of fines, and the challenge of recruiting competent staff, can lead to the misconception that compliance negatively impact a company’s profitability.

I am here to assist you in re-evaluating your approach to compliance, making compliance simple and affordable. Additionally, I can help educating your employees about their responsibilities and coaching them to know what actions they need to take in different circumstances.


Marisa offers advice on financial crime compliance to help you fulfil regulatory obligations while still achieving your business objectives.

Due Diligence

Safeguard your business by knowing who you are dealing with. Marisa can assist in conducting thorough due diligence checks on customers and suppliers.


Having a trained Board of Directors and workforce is essential for conducting business ethically. Marisa provides such training tailored to your business needs.


Marisa supports Compliance Officers, MLROs and compliance teams through mentorship and coaching enhancing their expertise and giving them confidence in performing their roles.


Being an MLRO can be a lonely job due to the combination of high responsibilities, limited support, specialist nature of the role and the need for continuous learning and networking. Marisa offers ongoing assistance to MLROs, providing a reliable ally in their journey.

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